IT Consultancy & Remote Support

IT Consultancy – Providing Consultancy & Remote support around the globe from our office in Dinnington, Sheffield.  Our aim is to keep your business, staff and teams up and running.

With clients far and wide, remote access is by far the quickest and most efficient way to support your business.  We will monitor systems on your behalf 24 hours a day and correct any issues remotely if and when they occur. Where in many issues are typically rectified long before you’re aware there was an issue.


How it Works ….

With Servers and Desktop’s supported across Windows, Mac and Linux platforms via a graphical interface or from a Command/Terminal Prompt. It’s never been easier to get support. Simply follow the four steps below.

  1. Click here or if you prefer to follow the link in the footer of this website or request a link which will be sent via email.  
  2. Click to download. Your operating system is automatically detected with the executable running natively with no installer, so theres no confusion for the right application and no need for administrator privileges. 
  3. Save the application locally to get future assistance with 1 click.
  4. Input your name, company and contact number and after submitting, you should get the below image. This is how you will know you are in the queue.
IT Consultancy & Remote Support
Remote Support Queue

For Servers requiring unattended access we can install an ‘always on’ connection. This ensures secure access at any point in time and reduces the input necessary by the user. Although with security and your confidentiality, our main priority, we do require the users permission in writing before we do this.

IT Consultancy & Remote support is available as a retainer, comprehensive Consultancy contract or a simple pay as you go service.

For more information and pricing, get in touch today or call our support team on 0114 354 0254 (Option 2).

Basic Security Overview of our IT Consultancy Service

All sessions and remote machine interactions with our system are securely encrypted.

We use high end industry standard encryption algorithms to protect your data whether you are in a session transferring screen updates and files or just accessing a remote machine’s files and CPU usage charts via the Access tab.  The primary algorithms we use are 4096-bit RSA and 256-bit AES.  These are widely regarded as more than sufficient to protect data.

Some established connections may appear to use plain HTTP or TCP but this is a result of our servers encapsulating the secure DTLS implementation on top of these.