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IT & Network Security
IT & Network Security

Just how security conscious do we really need to be?  Most clients only think about their Server(s) and PC’s.  So what about your business domain, email account or website?

The longer a business operates without a Firewall,mail server, spam filter and/or anti-virus in place, the more susceptible it can become to spam. Not just the sheer volume or frequency, but also the complexity and the greater the risk of your business domain or Server IP becoming blacklisted…

The reality of which will only begin to surface when an email you sent did not get delivered. Which for one client in Rotherham this became a reality. Unbeknown to the organisation and it’s users, one PC was spamming thousands of contacts every minute. This PC just happened to be the one PC that was configured to send/receive emails from their main email address. Sadly for them, they were forced to shut the PC down until further notice. Having removed the PC off-site at their busiest time of day, we put it through some rigorous scanning where over 70,000 virus & malware was detected.

With no backup solution in place, the client had to wait…

  1. for the PC to be rebuilt, programs re-installed/updated and user profiles configured before it would be operable again
  2. for the domain to be re-instated and removed from the blacklist. Normal service finally resumed, several days later.

IT Security also has other implications.  It’s possible if you are the victim of a cyber attack, you may not be covered by your Indemnity Insurance or other Insurance.  Cover may require you to complete a full cyber and data risk assessment just to comply. We can help you do a full cyber and data risk assessment to comply with your insurance requirements.

To find out more about how we can help protect your business and infrastructure, take a look at some of the IT Security products we have installed and continue to keep updated for clients all over the globe, such as Kerio Control and Kerio Connect. We can check your domain and server IP address for you, Simply get in touch via Live chat or email now. If however you prefer you can do it here by clicking here

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