SpamFilter Antivirus Firewall

spamfilter antivirus

ITW SpamFilter & Firewall Service is a Hosted Spam Firewall solution that includes comprehensive Spam, Virus, Trojan and Malware filtering. It also has protection against Phishing type Spam/scam emails and ensures that email arriving at your mail server is not only free of Spam but also protected from potential virus, trojan, malware and other known threats.

Unlike many other Spam filtering systems and services, we offer a solution that is priced by domain and not by email address. This service is independent of your office mail server or cloud email service, therefore you are not fighting with the spammers and email cybercrime on your doorstep.

The above screenshot is taken from one of our spam filter systems and shows the volume of emails being dealt with in a 10 hour period. To summarise, 93.07% of potential emails were detected as being Spam,containing malware or a virus or of a phishing nature. Blocked RBL refers to Real Time Black Lists, this is one of the most effective ways of rejecting unwanted email. Our Servers check the real time status of the sending email server, known spam servers and compromised computers are rejected almost instantly. In the above example it is a typical but staggering 29587 messages in a 10 hour period!

So what happens if an email is blocked and you need it? 

This can happen from time to time for various reasons, maybe the sender has ended up on a blacklist. No problem, we can either release email for you or give you a login account to check and release email you trust.

Spamfilter Features

  1. Blocks 98%+ Spam with no false positives
  2. Compatible with all common email servers
  3. Reduces email server load by 60-90%
  4. No per-domain, user, or per-mailbox fees
  5. No monthly or yearly update or license fees
  6. No expensive hardware to purchase
  7. No software to install, configure or maintain
  8. Easy to use web interface for management
  9. Logging, reporting, statistics and more
  10. Improves email user experience
  11. Increases customer retention
  12. Provides mail server redundancy

Hosted Spamfilter Firewall is a monthly renewal. Prices start from £10+Vat/month (per domain) and involves minimal setup costs.