Hosted VOIP PBX Phone System

Hosted VOIP PBX Phone System
Hosted VOIP PBX Phone System

Hosted PBX (Voip Phone System +/or Office Extensions)

Whilst landlines can offer high reliability and call quality, they lack the flexibility that modern businesses demand.  IP telephony on the other hand offers so much more, with flexibility at the forefront. IP Telephony uses the internet, LAN (Business network) and virtual PBX to make and receive calls, via your smartphone, tablet, PC and/or Mac.

The Softphone mobile app lets users make and receive calls on their Apple iOS or Android mobile devices right from the Hosted IP PBX. It delivers excellent voice quality and a high level of security through robust call encryption. In addition, it provides:

  • The ability to integrate contacts from a phone’s native contacts directory
  • Transfer to speakerphone, mute and hold functionality
  • Recall call history
  • Call display and voicemail indicator
  • Multiple call support – swap between two active calls & transfer calls

Other features

  • Call Pickup – In a fast–paced work environment, the ability to give a coworker on–the– spot support is a true benefit. A busy lamp field indicates the status of other users’ extensions — whether free, busy, or ringing. And if a colleague is not at her desk, call pickup allows another user to accept her call by dialing a simple code.
  • Call Parking – This handy features allows users to move a call to another phone (e.g. more convenient or private location) — and resume it quickly and seamlessly. And it’s easy to monitor parked calls with the busy lamp field.
  • Automatic Voicemail via Email – sends voicemail messages to users’ email inboxes as .wav files. Users can listen to messages from their desktops, or forward them to colleagues. Deleting a message from the inbox deletes it from The PBX — and vice versa.
  • Multiple Device Access – Users can register their extension to multiple devices, allowing incoming calls to ring on their office phone, cell phone, and the Softphone app simultaneously — so your people never miss another important call.
  • Manage Your Phone From your Computer – With the client, users can listen to voicemail, set up call forwarding, and check call history online — anytime, anywhere. In the office, users can copy and paste a contact’s phone number into client and click dial. The client initiates the call and connects it with the users’ desktop phone. No dialing necessary.

Things to consider:- 

  • If you already have an installed PBX system and if new telecoms hardware and software would need to work with existing equipment?
  • Current telephone numbers and providers
  • If you would like to keep your existing number?
  • Number of sites and employees in your organisation?
  • Broadband type, lines & bandwidth and how fast/reliable a connection to the internet you currently have?
  • Percentage of inbound vs outbound calls and if/how this likely to change?
  • Type of calls you make – Local, International etc?
  • How your organisation operates – how ideally you need calls to be handled? By whom, when and where?
  • How many staff are home based/remote workers?
  • What functionality and features you would like?

We setup and configure your entire system, phones and PC’s ready for use with our Hosted PBX.  It all depends on exactly what you want to do.  Prices start at £6.80+Vat/Mth per extension.

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