Kerio Connect Secure Mail Server

Kerio Connect Mail Server
Kerio Connect Mail Server

Kerio Connect is the most complete, versatile and mobile aware messaging server on the planet.  Combining secure business email, instant messaging, shared calendars and contact management to most email clients, IM clients, web browsers and mobile devices. Integrated anti-virus, powerful anti-spam, built-in archiving and automated backup all at a fraction of the cost and reduced IT overheads.

More than just a mail server, Kerio Connect is the award-winning leading alternative to Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange.  Ideal for a small to medium company, or those who prefer a simple approach to IT.

  1. Anywhere Access – Access emails and Web Administration interface via any standard web browser or mobile device which is easy to use.
  2. Advanced Email Protection – Protection against hacking and malicious attacks with SSL encryption, S/MIME, anti-spam and anti-virus tools and more.
  3. Flexible Server side Deployment & Administration on Windows, Mac, Linux, Virtual and Cloud.
  4. Public and private cloud hosted options allow Kerio Connect to fit in virtually any customer environment. This means you no longer have to buy hardware just to use Kerio Connect.

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