Offsite Backup & Test Restore

One would hope you never have to experience a disaster recovery scenario for real, although better to be safe than sorry. When it comes to protecting your data, one size does not fit all!  If you have an off-site backup, have you ever had it checked, tested or verified?

Cyber Attack and physical hardware targeted attacks can and do happen. With clients and their teams caught totally off-guard, production coming to a hault and staff left unable to work or connect to data, programs and servers. At IT Wireless (UK) Ltd, we take your data, infrastructure and business seriously.

Offsite Backup & Test Restore
Offsite Backup & Test Restore

Assuming you’re able to eliminate any possible data corruption from an abrupt shutdown, any one of these can cause additional delays.  This is where shutdown protocols come in to play for all physical and virtual servers, data, emails, phone system, website and/or databases in this.  So being brutally honest, when did you last check?

We’ve saved clients days of re-inputting days by successfully restoring an array of client’s systems, servers and data. We have even dealt with Insurance claims and loss adjusters on clients behalf. Where we’ve been instrumental in helping clients to recover a big percentage of the costs.

With our off-site backup service, we use proven and tested methods with usable backups taken both locally, off-site and at frequent agreed intervals.  We do not use white label products which are commonly used by IT Resellers. Instead we use products and solutions that are appropriate to the situation.  We take the attitude that it could happen, not that it will never happen.

In the unlikely event of a disaster, just how would your business, staff, remote users and customers be affected?  Let’s look at what we consider to be a disaster:-

  • Ransomeware virus’ or a targeted attack on your network, website or hosting provider?
  • Disgruntled Employee taking anger out on key server?
  • Loss or corruption of critical application?
  • Faulty or unusable backup?
  • A fire, flood, power, internet and/or telecoms outage for several hours or days?
  • Hardware failure or accidental file deletion?

How quickly depends on several factors, including:-

  • How usable your backups are…
  • How accessible your servers and login details are…
  • Network speed…
  • Server software and version…
  • Virtual or Standalone Environment


Should you need any assistance on this, we’d be only too happy to help ensure your entire infrastucture is fundamentally secure, accessible at all times and managed day to day.  We’ll make sure you have the right backup and restore plan in place, we can and do a restore in a test environment to make sure that you are getting the backups that will keep your business in business.

To find out if your mission critical servers and data can be restored, call Michelle or Rob today on: 0114 354 0254