Voice Over IP

IT Wireless (UK) offer a variety of Voice Over IP ( VOIP ) & IP Telephony services, installation and ongoing support locally within Sheffield and throughout the UK.

Whether you require your VOIP system to be managed or setup to manage in-house, we provide solutions that compliment your preferred way of working.  The more we understand about how you work and what you hope to achieve, the better solution we can provide.

Though not limited to, we specialise in Kerio and 3CX products because like the majority of the products we sell, we use them because they really do work.

What is VOIP or Voice Over IP ?

VOIP or Voice Over IP is  “Voice Over Internet Protocol”, (a form of communication via the Internet) which offers a variety of functions and flexibility to organisations and individuals who operate from numerous geographical regions and/or numerous branches/sales offices.

How can Voice Over IP benefit me and my business?

  • Compared to traditional phone systems, VOIP can greatly reduce cost, maintenance and floor space.
  • Lower monthly line rental than using a traditional phone system
  • Low call rates and affordable VOIP installation rates
  • Numerous phones can be installed on the same system quickly and in a cost effective manner
  • Can easily be moved/diverted if needed as is not limited to geographical location.
  • Emergency divert (should the line ever become unavailable a contingency line can be used)
  • Quickly and easily move provider to find the lowest rates for your solution
  • Expansion is supported and auto-backup provided if needed.
  • Use your Mac, PC, Laptop or Mobile device as your main phone or office extension
  • Various brands and models phone available.

How much does it cost?

  • VOIP account setup fee £25+Vat (one off).
  • SIP trunks from £10.99+Vat monthly line rental includes 10 Virtual Office Numbers (excludes calls)
  • Porting numbers to VOIP from £75+Vat (Single line) £100+Vat (Multi line)

What do I need to consider?

Whilst it doesn’t happen very often, not all numbers can be ported to VOIP.  Rest assured initial checks are carried out at the enquiry stage where you will be made fully aware of what is possible and what is not, long before you place your order.