Website Hosting Using SSL Certificates

Website Hosting Using SSL Certificates
Website Hosting Using SSL Certificates

With Website hosting from IT Wireless we use SSL Certificates as standard!

By using SSL Encryption on your website you are assuring your visitors that they are communicating with your site only and not a man in the middle watching what they are doing. A certificate is issued by a CA (Certificate Authority) to your domain, this can be seen if you click on the padlock in the address bar if the site is secured using SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

Website hosting is where we allocate space on any one of our dedicated  servers for you. All our Servers are in UK Secure Data Centres. Whilst you may create your site on your local computer, you need to host it somewhere online so that everyone can access it. If your target audience is in the UK, then a UK Service is for you. Most search engines will give priority to sites hosted in the targeted area of the search. If you are using SSL that will also be favoured by a search engine.

With Website Hosting from ITW, your website will not only be accessible via the World Wide Web 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it is secured by default on an SSL platform. We can offer full support from setting up your website hosting with your domain name (DNS changes and MX Records etc) to making sure you are getting a regular backup that can be used if you need to restore at anytime. ITW understand that some of the terminology can be daunting if you have not had to do this before, just give us a call and we can help and guide you through it, we understand. 0114 3540254

If you need email for your domain then we have several options from our hosted services, some include full Microsoft Activesync facilities (used on mobile devices) please follow our link

Prices start from £5.75+Vat/Mth for a single domain and this includes the SSL Certificate

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