Whether from a virus outbreak, hardware failure or accidental deletion, with (a) the right level of protection, (b) usable backups and (b) proven methods of restoration, we’ll get you back up and running in the quickest possible time.

Secure Hosted Services

Secure Hosted Services from IT Wireless
Secure Hosted Services from IT Wireless







Whether you have one or more Website domains, single/multiple email accounts and/or Office extensions, we at IT Wireless can help.

  1. Secure Web Hosting from £5.75+Vat/Mth per domain. For more info, click here
  2. Office Extensions (Hosted PBX) from £6.80+Vat/Mth per extension. For more info, click here
  3. Email Accounts (Hosted Email) from £4+Vat/Mth per account. For more info, click here
  4. Microsoft Office 365 (2016 Outlook, Word, Excel for Business = 5 Devices) from £7.90+Vat/Mth per user. For more info, click here

Depending on the functionality you require, account costs vary.  Please contact Michelle on 0114 3540254 or email for more information.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Welcome to our new Website!

Welcome to IT Wireless (UK) Ltd and our office of two (Michelle & Rob) based in Dinnington, Sheffield, South Yorkshire.  Providing managed/hosted services that secure, protect and monitor your network, servers and data.

Specialising in


– Secure Firewall & Private VPN & Spamfilter for single/multiple domains)

– SSL Certificates for Secure VPN, PBX, Mail & Websites (single/multiple domains)

– Off-site Backup (daily, weekly) & Quarterly test restore (1 Server+)

– Alarm Monitoring for multiple sites (Terminator Communicator Module)


– Hosted Spam Firewall

– Hosted Websites

– Hosted PBX (Phone Systems & Office Extensions)

– Hosted Email (Email Accounts)

– Hosted Office 365 (Outlook, Word, Excel 2016)


– Solid quick and reliable Wi-Fi (5Ghz + 2Ghz) around the office or home both inside+out and site to site

– EFM Circuit, Satellite Broadband vs ADSL 500 Business/Home User leased line

Whether internet functionality has ceased, hardware has failed, company data has been accidentally deleted or you’re unable to access or complete your website. We will get you and your team back up and running and secure in the quickest possible time, find the root cause and help to get your company data accessible however you need. Get in touch today! 0114 3540254 or

Kerio Control Hardware Appliance Range

Enhanced network security and telephony with the all-in-one Security Appliance Range for small and mid-sized businesses.

Protection for your business domain & Server IP (against blacklisting) and network (against viruses, malware and malicious activity). Your Indemnity Insurance complied.

Freedom & Flexibility…

IT Wireless (UK) Ltd welcomes business owners across the UK and beyond to the freedom and flexibility to access company data, manage the business and staff from almost anywhere, from any device and/or platform with simple, flexible and cost effective hosted/managed IT solutions.

To find out how flexible, secure, recoverable and restorable your company data is, how quickly you would be operable following a natural disaster, targeted/cyber attack or equipment failure vs what is possible for your business, staff and remote workers whether you are operating on Linux, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android or a combination of all five, check in today for your FREE RISK ASSESSMENT!

Chat with us or call us today on 0114 3540254 (option 1) and get the freedom, flexibility and assistance you need today!

Systems restored, everyone working again :)

Why backing up is so important…

Think your backups are safe and reliable? Maybe you are taking a regular backup for your systems, servers and important data?  However this alone does not guarantee the data can be restored, or your staff functioning as they expect.

When was the last time you restored from a backup?  How long did it take your staff to get back to what they were doing?  Quite often we find backup data is rarely checked, let alone tested, resulting in restoration not being possible and backups null and void!

Whether on-site or working remotely, we can help you to manage, back-up and restore your data so that you can focus on accessing your data when you need it, wherever you need it.  Call us now on 0114 3540254 or email on to discuss a trial of our proven methods that work for us and our clients every single time.

We look forward to hearing from you.