Secure Website (http vs https)

Whether you’re having difficulty accessing your website, want to take back control of your data or migrate to a secure website.  With IT Wireless (UK) Ltd you’re in safe hands.  

With full control of our servers based in the UK and the correct licensing in place, we can migrate your site to a secure platform and help you to:-

  • Get control of your data
  • understand potential security pitfalls
  • ensure your website remains accessible, secure and protected.

Allow us to explain the difference between HTTPS and HTTP:-

secure website
secure website

HTTPS = HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure. An encrypted SSL Certificate means that communications between your browser and the website are secure. Sensitive information is unreadable to everyone except for the server you are sending the information to. Protecting it from hackers and identity thieves.

HTTP = INSECURE and stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol.   This is where information is passed from computer to computer to get to the destination server. That means any computer between you and the server with simple downloadable tools can see your credit card numbers, usernames, passwords and other sensitive information.

Examples of secure websites:-  Local Garage Door Services Want2DJ

You’ll no doubt be familiar with the infamous padlock (above right). Something that may interest you is if you click on the padlock you can view additional security information such as:-

  • Current certificate – This confirms the connection is encrypted (secure)
  • Errors = No errors confirm site ownership has been verified.
secure website
secure website


A padlock next to your website domain

A trusted and verified SSL certificate from Comodo

24/7 access to your website

SSL Certificate Installation



Did you now that secure websites rank higher in search engines? Especially Google!  

While SSL was first introduced in 1994, a recent Google audit suggested that 79 out of the 100 top non Google sites did not use the https protocol (Secure http using SSL ).  With Malware and Cyber Crime on the increase it is essential to encrypt data. Especially with data being transferred between two points over a public network, such as the Internet or a Public Wi Fi Service.  At IT Wireless we don’t just provide SSL Certificates for VPN, PBX (Phone Systems), Mail and Websites.  When you purchase our Web Hosting service, you get an SSL Certificate inlcuded FOC.  For more info, click here

Installation of SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates require different levels of authentication. So before you attempt to install your SSL certificate, there are a few things you should consider. These include:-

  1. the intended application and platform you want to install it on
  2. generating of the Certificate Signing Request ( CSR )

In addition to the above, there are different types of Certificates for different applications. Where for sites accepting credit cards, a Higher Assurance Certificate is preferred.  IT Wireless (UK) Ltd can help you choose the correct certificate for your intended use and ensure it is installed and authenticated correctly.

Once we’ve taken care of the fundamentals, we can then look at keeping things up to date. Such as…

  1. Hosting (ITW UK Servers)
  2. Security Maintenance (manage potential threats and vulnerabilities)
  3. Backup & Restore (quarterly test restore carried out)
  4. MX/DNS records and registration details (kept up-to-date)

For more information on hosting click here.  If you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today.